K2View Releases New Data Privacy Management Solution to Expedite and Scale Compliance

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K2View Marketing

The solution provides the leading workflow and data processing automation for today’s complex data privacy regulations


DALLAS, Texas – March 9, 2021 K2View, a global leader in operational data management and governance, today announced the general availability of K2View’s new Data Privacy Management (DPM), a flexible workflow and data automation solution to streamline fulfillment of any current and future data privacy regulatory requirements.

K2View DPM is built using K2View’s patented micro-database technology, enabling enterprises instant and secure access to all the data they have about any customer. The solution provides one click automation to orchestrate the collection, updating or purging of that data across all source systems. K2View DPM combines flexible and intuitive Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) workflow management with regulation-specific templates, auditing, and reporting capabilities.

Enterprises with customer data fragmented across dozens or hundreds of systems are struggling to comply with privacy regulations in today’s complex and changing regulatory environment. Other data privacy solutions implement workflow management software for DSAR case management, leaving the hard part—data access, masking, updates, and deletion—to manual, time-consuming, and error-prone human intervention. Other compliance management solutions customize task-specific integrations with the various third-party data sources platforms, an approach that requires lengthy and expensive customizations. Neither provide the enterprise with the ability to effectively scale their operation while constantly adapting to rapidly changing data privacy regulations.

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 K2View DPM goes beyond case management to quickly and cost-efficiently solve the data privacy problem, eliminating the manual work required to fulfill DSARs. By quickly discovering, creating, and securing a holistic view of each customer in individual Digital Entities, K2View DPM enables the enterprise to expedite and scale compliance of any data privacy regulation—GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, PIPEDA, LGPD, and more—now and in the future. It also works well with other privacy compliance solutions by automating the backend of their platforms, so companies can keep their existing solutions while utilizing K2View DPM.

“Despite our aversion to the term ‘unique,’ it is relatively difficult to describe K2View’s data management architecture otherwise,” writes Paige Bartley, senior research analyst of data at S&P Global Market Intelligence's 451 Research unit, in a recent market insight report on K2View DPM. “The company’s organization of data around single, defined business entities, such as customers, using a secure micro-database architecture built from commodity components allows for the enterprise to essentially create and deliver a real-time 360° view of any defined entity,” explains Bartley. “Given that modern data privacy and data protection regulation revolves around the rights of individuals, it only makes sense that organizations would want to organize data around these distinct identities.”

With K2View DPM, companies gain:

  • An end-to-end solution that manages and streamlines DSAR handling from intake to fulfillment while completely automating the “heavy lifting” of accessing, masking, and updating customer data
  • Rapid compliance with existing data privacy regulations in a matter of weeks then continued compliance with new regulations by addressing their requirements with mere configuration changes
  • A “data -first” compliance solution with automated, non-intrusive, and on-demand access and modification of existing enterprise applications–mitigating data privacy compliance risks while cutting operational costs

“K2View DPM is an innovative solution for the data-intensive enterprise,” said Achi Rotem, co-founder and CEO, K2View. “Research has shown that handling a data access request costs enterprise organizations about $1,400 per case. Early deployments of our software have demonstrated more than a 50% cut in these costs, which could save some organizations millions of dollars while providing end-customers with instant response to their requests—creating an unmatched customer experience. We believe that large enterprises with highly complex or fragmented systems will especially benefit from this solution.”

Fortune 500 companies are already using K2View DPM to gain an end-to-end data privacy compliance solution.

Learn more about K2View Data Privacy Management.

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