Leading Belgian Telecommunications Provider Selects K2View for Advanced Data Integration

K2View Marketing

K2View Marketing

K2View’s Real-Time Data Management Solution Chosen to Integrate Data for Digital Transformation

DALLAS and BRUSSELS – February 11, 2020 – K2View, a leading provider of real-time, distributed data management solutions, today announced that a leading Belgian telecommunications provider has selected K2View Fabric and K2View ADI (Advanced Data Integration) as its platform of record for advanced data integration.

Data continues to be the lifeblood of critical data transformation projects, and rigid legacy approaches make it extremely difficult for organizations to gain 360-degree data access in real time. Traditional data integration approaches require extensive data modeling and for critical systems to be taken offline while data is moved, resulting in significant strain and downtime to organizations.  

K2View Fabric and K2View ADI deliver advanced data integration without the need to shut down critical systems, and with no impact to the performance of production deployments. This enables the flexibility, scalability, and performance required to address modern data challenges. This approach is powered by K2View’s patented logical unit, which moves data via micro-databases, rather than through moving tables or using expensive ETL processes. 

“Simplifying and optimizing data movement is a critical part of end-to-end data management,” said Nick Lazzaro, Chief Evangelist, Board Member and Advisor at K2View. “K2View and our patented logical unit deliver holistic and real-time data management. This fundamentally different approach to data management enables digital transformations, and over time K2View becomes a system of record for real-time, 360-degree data access.”

About K2View

K2View is a provider of advanced data fabric, data integration, and data delivery software that takes the promise of a 360-degree view of data to the next level. Its flagship product, K2View Fabric, uses patented logical unit technology to enable quick, easy, and secure access and control to all of an organization’s data, no matter how many different systems and data sources it may have. K2View delivers real-time, holistic access and operational insights to whatever data matters most to organizations in any industry, right when they need it, accelerating transformations in customer experience, cloud enablement, operations, IT modernization, and risk and compliance.

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