Cellcom Israel Implements Vlocity and Salesforce - underpinned by K2View real-time 360 data platform - for B2B and B2C Digital Transformation

K2View Marketing

K2View Marketing

K2View Fabric delivers real-time 360 data for Vlocity Communications' and Salesforce's replacement of Cellcom Israel’s previous CRM systems.

NETANYA, Israel, and SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 8, 2018 – Vlocity, Inc., a leading industry cloud company, today announced that Cellcom Israel Ltd., (TASE: CEL, NYSE: CEL) one of Israel’s largest mobile operators with a broad range of telecommunication services, has successfully completed the first phase of its B2B and B2C digital transformation program. Cellcom Israel deployed advanced, cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and business support system (BSS) applications from Vlocity and Salesforce to provide more than 2,500 of its sales, service and retail professionals a 3600 customer relationship view and enable efficient lead and opportunity management. Integrated with Cellcom Israel’s back-office systems, the new solution helps Cellcom Israel employees deliver quality customer service, work more efficiently, and effectively upsell and cross-sell bundled services.

Cellcom Israel operates in one of the world’s most competitive markets and has historically differentiated itself on the basis of its innovative and comprehensive services.

Cellcom Israel selected Vlocity Communications and Salesforce to replace its previous CRM systems. Cellcom Israel found that Vlocity Communications and Salesforce applications delivered advantages on multiple fronts, including speed to deployment, accelerated time-to-market with new offers and streamlined service delivery. Vlocity Communications leverages the omnichannel and OmniScriptTM technology capabilities compatible with Salesforce Service Cloud and includes a comprehensive suite of CRM, all built on Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM.

Benefits of “Polaris” Program are Quickly Realized

Through its “Polaris” transformation program, Cellcom Israel provided its sales and service professionals a 3600 view of each customer relationship by consolidating relevant information from several disparate backoffice systems and presenting it in a single, intuitive user interface. To get access to customer data in real time, Vlocity worked closely with their partners at K2View, a leading data-as-a-service platform provider. Cellcom Israel also streamlined its business processes and delivered advanced functionality for sales processes.

Building on the success of this deployment, Vlocity will continue working with Cellcom Israel to implement additional CRM processes.

“Our employees can now view each customer’s devices and services, as well as access billing and service history to efficiently address customer inquiries and pursue upsell opportunities without requiring the use of multiple systems,” said Ron Shvili, Cellcom Israel's Chief Technology Officer. “Our front-line staff love our new system and we’re starting to notice efficiency gains. We’re committed to providing a superior customer experience.”

“Cellcom Israel is one of Israel's most innovative service providers, with a leadership team that embraces the latest state-of-the-art technologies in customer management,” said David Schmaier, Founder and CEO, Vlocity. “We are delighted to play a leading role in Cellcom Israel’s digital transformation program and are excited by the rapid progress we’re making together.”

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