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Compliance management solution to future-proof your business against any data privacy regulation


Data privacy and compliance isn’t a systems problem. It’s a data problem.

Data privacy regulations are redefining how, when and who controls the private data companies collect about consumers. California’s CCPA/CPRA, the EU’s GDPR, Brazil’s LGPD—these were just the beginning. Across the U.S. and around the world, new privacy initiatives are being enacted. In a global economy, one or even all such regulations can potentially affect any business, anywhere.

Manually handling data subject access requests (DSARs) can cripple even a financial healthy company. Gartner reports that a $50 million company spends on average $1,400 per DSAR, each of which takes two weeks or more to process. As the number of regulations and DSARs grow, manually handling simply can’t scale. (In the first 18 months after GDPR alone was in effect, Microsoft’s self-service portal received a staggering 25 million requests—impossible even for a giant company to handle without automation.)

Most data privacy compliance management solutions simply automate DSAR case management—but that’s the easy part. They leave accessing and updating data across dozens of systems to time-consuming, error-prone manual processes. Even those that support integration with third-party data management platforms usually require lengthy (and expensive) customization, especially for enterprises with highly fragmented customer data.

But compliance management software is not a workflow problem. It’s a data problem.

Whether you’re faced with meeting CCPA, LGPD, GDPR requirements, or any that will follow, there are some key data privacy concepts they all have in common:

  • Single Point for Consent – making it simple and clear for customers to opt in/out and limit the types of data collection
  • Secure Right to Access – maintaining access to a customer’s data no matter how many systems and databases it may be scattered across
  • Data Portability – allowing the customer to quickly and easily take their personal data (and their business) elsewhere
  • Right to be Forgotten – allowing customers to control how long you can store and use their data—after which you must remove it
  • Data Protection – providing robust security that limits access to authorized persons and limit potential exposure and data breaches
  • Reporting Breaches – notifying customers in a timely fashion if and when their personal information is at risk due to a breach

Despite their similarities and common goals, however, each new regulation does have its own unique requirements–which is why building a custom data privacy management solution for today’s regulations may not scale to meet tomorrow’s needs. And failure to comply with just one of these laws means risking substantial financial and legal penalties.


Meet K2View Data Privacy Management

A flexible compliance management solution to meet all your current and future data privacy requirements.

All this poses a key question: How do you meet these requirements without a massive impact to your day-to-day operations or your bottom line? And better yet: How do ensure compliance with today’s privacy regulations while also future-proofing against tomorrow’s—without constantly changing your systems?

K2View Data Privacy Management (DPM) connects to your customer data no matter where it resides and organizes that data into a digital entity that represents each customer. It then delivers secure, automated data access to you, your staff or your customers, with features to address these critical data privacy needs:

  • Data Access & Consent

  • Data Exposure

  • Data Purging

  • Secure by Design

K2View DPM data connections are bidirectional. This means that K2View DPM takes care of updating all the underlying systems and datastores for you, automatically. It even enables purging of a customer’s data across systems, should they exercise their “right to be forgotten.”

By focusing on the data management problem, you can quickly comply with the requirements of multiple privacy laws—regardless of their individual mandates.

K2View DPM. From DSAR intake to fulfillment in minutes – not days.


How it Works

K2View Data Privacy Management is compliance management solution that leverages the patented Digital Entity technology built into all K2View solutions.

Getting started is easy

Define users, roles, workflows, steps and actions required to handle DSARs across multiple departments using an intuitive, graphical user interface

Use K2View auto-discovery to define the customer digital entity, a logical data schema with all the relevant data attributes across all your systems, including personally identifiable information (PII)

Define the synchronization schedule of data updates from each source to the customer digital entity

K2View DPM does the heavy lifting for you

Ingests and synchronizes customer data in real-time

Automates DSAR case management, including case intake, routing, workflows, and fulfillment

Employs data privacy governance to facilitate accessing, masking, exporting, and purging customer data

Keeps each digital entity up to date in real-time, delivering it securely to the right place at the right time—and updating the source systems with any data that’s changed

Maintains a history of all changes made to the customer data, and all workflows that were executed, to support audit requirements

Most importantly, it allows you to address requirements of each new data privacy regulation as it comes along—without costly consulting projects or building custom software.

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  Feature Impact on data privacy Description  
  Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) workflow automation Eliminates manual intake and fulfillment
  • Simple graphic use interface to define workflows for intake, routing, and fulfillment of DSARs across department
  • Automated DSAR handling from intake and data preparation to delivery and fulfillment
  • End-to-end DSAR handling in minutes (not days)
  Data access & consent
  • Consent
  • Right to Access
  • Single source and access point for customer data
  • Consent collected, housed and restricted by discreet function that uses customer data
  • Existing consent partners, sources and processes easily incorporated
  • All the data a company has on a customer can be held within K2View DPM
  • Source list maintained for where all customer data originated, the functions/services using it, and a history of all changes
  • Provides access to this information via web
  Data exposure
  • Data Portability
  • Web services layer for export of customer’s data in a number of transferrable file formats including .CSV, XML
  • Customer data can be exposed to client applications via REST API, micro-services, or web services
  • Can generate export files in multiple formats if customer chooses to export data
  Data purging
  • Right to be Forgotten/ Erasure
  • Capabilities to orchestrate and automation removal and archiving any data within its scope
  • K2View DPM maintains a complete map and the ability to interact with each of the source systems, and is able to orchestrate the complete removal of any data within its scope
  Secure by Design
  • Data Protection
  • Reporting Breaches
  • If a breach were to occur, it would happen at an individual customer level and
  • K2View DPM would know immediately and can issue notifications as appropriate
  • K2View DPM organizes and stores data at an individual customer level, which allows it to be protected & secured at that same level
  • K2View DPM individually encrypts each digital entity down to the data element level, virtually eliminating the risk of a mass breach of customer data


Fortune 10 telecom meets CCPA deadline, future-proofs against upcoming data privacy regulations

In a matter of months, K2View DPM allowed this Fortune 10 telecom to automate its compliance with the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). But with K2View DPM’s flexible capabilities, the company not only met the met the January 1, 2020 deadline, it drastically simplified its overall data management and future-proof itself from new data privacy laws being introduced around the world.

Surviving the avalanche of data privacy and compliance laws

Solving the hardest data privacy challenge - the data

The first high-profile data privacy regulation with global impact, GDPR was just the beginning. Businesses of all sizes scrambled to update their systems to meet the compliance deadline. But compliance isn’t a systems problem. It’s a data management problem. Discover how surviving the continuing wave of data privacy regulations requires a digital transformation in data management.

K2View DPM. We’ve Solved the Hardest Privacy Problem: Managing the Data.
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