Agile Customer 360.

Quickly connect and unify your fragmented customer data into a real-time, trusted customer view with the industry's first data product solution for Customer 360.

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Customer 360

The data product approach
to Customer 360


Revolutionary and pragmatic approach

Experience the speed and power of data products and Micro-DB technology.

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Full Customer 360
in weeks

Leverage your current Customer 360 investments, and get to the finish fast.

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From 0 to 360
in milliseconds

Access clean, complete, and compliant customer data in real time.

Achieving Customer 360

Easier said than done

Achieving Customer 360 stats - Gartner

Top 3 challenges to Customer 360

Despite massive investments in Customer 360 programs,
most initiatives failed to deliver .

  1. Definition consensus
    A single, company-wide definition of Customer 360 is difficult to achieve because each business domain has its own expectations and requirements.
  2. Data quality
    Customer data is fragmented across hundreds of systems, technologies, and formats, and difficult to unify, cleanse, and ensure compliance.
  3. Enterprise requirements
    Large organizations need real-time performance, at scale, and cross-functional data governance.

Why conventional approaches fail

Existing approaches to Customer 360 are generally centralized and rigid, limiting their ability to serve the needs of different business domains with
quick time-to-value, agility, and flexibility.

4 incomplete approaches:


Customer Relationship Management

CRM handles only the data it owns, primarily sales, marketing, and service data, while enterprises have dozens more systems with customer data

Customer 360 approaches - CRM


Master Data

MDM is focused on master data, with no support for the customer interaction and transaction data needed for a 360-degree view.

Customer 360 approaches - MDM


Customer Data

CDP is a marketing tool used for segmentation and campaign management. It lacks support for transactional and master data in terms of data integration, data quality, data privacy, and governance.

Customer 360 approaches - CDP


Data lakes


Data lakes are built for analytical workloads, with limited support for operational, real-time use cases, and data governance. 


Customer 360 approaches - Data Lake

Agile Customer 360 Solution

The data product way

Customer 360 solution via data products
Customer 360 solution via data products

A data product makes a trusted customer dataset accessible to authorized data consumers in any method, and in real time. Benefits include:

  • Speed and agility
    Deliver quick, incremental value to Customer 360 data consumers.
  • No need for consensus
    Cross-company agreement is no longer required because each domain can define its own Customer 360 needs.
  • Self service
    Authorized customer data consumers discover, access, and share customer data products, quickly and easily, independent of central IT.
  • Data governance
    Data masking, quality, and compliance are enforced on the fly by the data product, to ensure that customer data is trustworthy.
  • Cost efficiency
    Enterprises can leverage their current investments and resources without having to rip and replace.
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Customer 360 solution benefits

The business impact

Customer 360 solution benefits

With our Customer 360 solution, enterprises ensure that the experiences they deliver are profitable to the business. 

Instant access to complete customer data feeds real-time customer analytics and decisioning, to make the most out of every customer interaction. Examples include:

  • Delivering the right campaigns to the right customers
  • Maximizing cross-sell/up-sell opportunities
  • Minimizing customer churn
  • Increasing first contact resolution
  • Reducing contact center call handling time
Customer 360 for real time personalization

Real-time, data-driven personalization

Customer 360 for real time personalization

Every one of your customers has a personal relationship with your business that spans multiple touch points and channels.

K2View Customer 360 solution is powered by our Data Product Platform, with built-in capabilities like data masking tools and data governance tools. It ingests customer data from multi-source systems, and processes it to create a 360-degree dataset for every customer. It continually syncs the dataset with the sources, to ensure that it's fresh when accessed, without impacting the underlying systems.

Consuming applications can instantly access the customer dataset, to drive a consistent, personalized, and delightful experience.

Our secret sauce

The Micro-Database

The K2View Customer 360 solution creates and manages the dataset for every individual customer in its own high-performance, compressed, and encrypted Micro-Database, in which customer data is always:

  • Unified, complete, clean, and compliant
  • Fresh, with ongoing sync to underlying source systems
  • Enriched, on the fly, with operational insights, and by other data products
  • Accessible in real time, via APIs, streaming, ODATA, CDC, or messaging

The Micro-Database manages the customer's master data, the interactions and transactions that the customer has conducted with the company, as well as relevant operational insights.

It effectively acts as the single source of truth for customer data, accessible to all authorized data consumers in the organization.


K2View Customer 360 key capabilities


Unified customer data: interactions, transactions, and master data

C360 copy 2-4

Real-time integration of structured and unstructured data

Business Focus_Business Focus

Data orchestration to unify and deliver trusted customer data services

Data Pipelining-4-3

Customer data matched, cleansed, and normalized into a Golden Record

icons blue__Security

Data masking and governance for data privacy compliance

business continuity-1

Customer data instantly accessible to authorized consuming apps

icons web__non-related DB2

Customer data services auto-generated, debugged, and deployed, in minutes


Data encryption at the customer record level for maximum security

Get to Customer 360 in weeks

Quickly create and adapt customer data products to deliver
a trusted, real-time view of your customers

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