Customer 360 Data Platform.

The all-in-one customer data hub that connects and unifies
fragmented data into a real-time, trusted customer view

Agile Customer 360
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Conventional approaches such as CRM, CDP, MDM and data lakes have failed to deliver a true 360-degree view of the customer, because they:

  • Do not integrate the entire scope of customer data across transactions, interactions, and master data
  • Do not serve all business domains
  • Provide limited support for operational, real-time use cases
  • Do not address data governance
  • Are lengthy and costly to implement

Achieve customer 360 in weeks

Deliver fresh, clean, and complete customer data in real time, at massive scale


Real-time data integration

Customer 360 platform Real-time-data-integration
  • Customer data is integrated and unified, in real-time and code-free
  • Holistic view of the customer is comprised of all customer transactions, interactions, and master data
  • Customer data is continually synced based on your business needs
Customer 360 platform Real-time-data-integration

100s of connectors to all data sources

customer 360 vendor
  • Out of the box connectors to all your data source systems
  • Relational and non-relational databases, legacy systems, SaaS applications, Web Services, files, etc.
  • Connectors are extensible via Java
customer 360 vendor

Code-free data transformation and data delivery

customer 360 tool
  • Built-in, no-code tools to define, test, and debug data transformations, with dozens of prebuilt functions
  • No-code web service generator, providing an API to customer data in any required response structure
  • Customer data is also accessible via SQL, JMS, CDC, and Kafka
customer 360 tool

Customer golden record

Customer-360Golden-Record (2)-1
  • Customer data is matched, cleansed, and normalized into a complete golden record, in real time
  • Configurable “Golden Record” rules are implemented to match customers to a hierarchy, such as ‘Banking Household’ in real-time
Customer-360Golden-Record (2)-1

Built-in data governance

Customer-360 Built-in-data-governance
  • Dynamic data masking and consent management for data privacy compliance
  • Data quality and compliance enforced on the fly to ensure that customer data is trustworthy
  • Token-based RBAC (Role Based Access Control) ensures customer data is only accessible to authorized data consumers

Customer-360 Built-in-data-governance

Open, modular, flexible

Customer 360 platform
Customer 360 platform

A Voda confidence

Ralf Hellebrand Vodafone Germany

Ralf Hellebrand

Programme Director, Technology, Vodafone Germany

See how Vodafone implemented the K2view platform for multiple use cases, including Customer Data Hub and Test Data Management, to deliver strategic business outcomes across its operations.

Read more on the Vodafone use case

Our Patented Approach

One Micro-Database
for each individual customer

Customer 360 platform by K2View
  • We create and manage the dataset for every individual customer in its own high-performance, compressed, and encrypted Micro-Database

  • Customer data is organized around business entities – easily understood by data consumers

  • Each entity's data is unified, cleansed, and organized - always ready for trusted use

  • Customer data is accessible in milliseconds. Ideal for real-time operational use cases

  • Single point of access in any method, using RBAC. Easy to access and always fresh

  • Built-in data governance - data quality and compliance are enforced on the fly by the data product, to ensure that customer data is trustworthy.

  • Customer data can be virtualized, persisted or both - based on business needs - and requires minimal, commodity hardware

What our customers say

Vodafone leverages the Customer Data Hub to deliver a single 360 view of the customer, creating a unified customer experience across all customer touchpoints, enabling personalized campaign management in real time, and also to increase the first contact resolution rate.


Michael Voeller

Product Director (SAFe) Vodafone Germany

Our work with K2view has enabled Cellcom to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.
We’re happy with what we have been able to accomplish with K2view at the core of our systems, and its ability to provide real-time information to all of our different data consumers.

Victor Malka cellcom

Victor Malka

VP CIO, Cellcom

We’ve gone from 24+ hours for data updates to having data available in simply minutes or even seconds, boosting the customer experience and better supporting our customer care agents. We’re happy with how it is performing.

Marc Schmeetz

Marc Schmeetz

Program Manager, VodafoneZiggo

We needed to integrate and align customer data from across three distinct and different companies into a single customer data hub to power our Salesforce CRM. K2view Customer Data Hub simplified the complexity of integrating and unifying the data from our disparate systems


Ronen Horowitz

SVP and CIO, Pelephone, Yes, and Bezeq International

Why conventional approaches fail

Existing approaches to Customer 360 are generally centralized and rigid, limiting their ability to serve the needs of different business domains with
quick time-to-value, agility, and flexibility.

4 incomplete approaches:


Customer Relationship Management

CRM handles only the data it owns, primarily sales, marketing, and service data, while enterprises have dozens more systems with customer data

Customer 360 approaches - CRM


Master Data Management

MDM is focused on master data, with no support for the customer interaction and transaction data needed for a 360-degree view.

Customer 360 approaches - MDM


Customer Data Platform

CDP is a marketing tool used for segmentation and campaign management. It lacks support for transactional and master data in terms of data integration, data quality, data privacy, and governance.

Customer 360 approaches - CDP


Data lakes

Data lakes are built for analytical workloads, with limited support for operational, real-time use cases, and data governance. 

Customer 360 approaches - Data Lake

Customer 360 across the enterprise

K2view Customer 360 Platform is the solution of choice for enterprises that seek a "build-once/use-many" approach to customer data.

360 2Customer View copy 2-4

Customer care

Reduce average handling time, improve first contact resolution, and reduce churn.

360 Customer View copy 4-2

Web and mobile self-service

Improve customer experience, and promote cross-sell and up-sell offers.

360 Customer View copy 6

Field services

Minimize redundant customer visits, and increase post-sale services.

data prep-Jun-09-2022-08-37-46-29-PM

Customer analytics

Determine customer preferences, sentiment, and propensity to churn.

Artboard 91

Customer segmentation

Target the right customers, with the right offers, at the right time.

360 2Customer View copy 3

Data privacy

Comply with data privacy regulations, while minimizing operational costs.

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K2view Customer 360
platform key capabilities


Complete Data

Unified customer data: interactions, transactions, and master data

C360 copy 2-4

Real-Time Data

Real-time integration of structured and unstructured data

Business Focus_Business Focus

Data Orchestration

Data orchestration to unify and deliver trusted customer data services

Data Pipelining-4-3

Golden Record

Customer data matched, cleansed, and normalized into a Golden Record

icons blue__Security

Data Governance

Data masking and governance for data privacy compliance

business continuity-1

Democratize Access

Customer data instantly accessible to authorized consuming apps

icons web__non-related DB2

Data Services

Customer data services auto-generated, debugged, and deployed, in minutes


Data Privacy

Data encryption at the customer record level for maximum security

Get to Customer 360 in weeks

Quickly create and adapt customer data products to deliver
a trusted, real-time view of your customers

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