Big Data Engineering

Facilitate capabilities

Out of the box

Data Integration

Create multi-source data pathways to empower digital transformation 


Data Virtualization

Orchestrate the workflows that enable dynamic, flexible virtualization 

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Data Catalog

Build metadata-driven pipelines using a visual development environment 

The case for Big Data Engineering


Big data orchestration

The K2View platform includes a graphical data orchestration tool that makes it easy to connect to any data, from any source, and then transform it for any use – without writing any code. From the rapid migration of data to a cloud data warehouse, to real-time churn prediction based on an up-to-date, single view of the customer, K2View meets all your Big Data Engineering needs. 


Why Big Data Engineering?

  • There’s more data than ever before, and it is growing exponentially. 90% of the data that exists today was created over the past two years. 
  • Companies are using data more innovatively and finding ways to benefit from it. Big data engineering tools are essential to such activities. 
  • The technologies used to create, store and manipulate data are growing more complex. As the demand for data increasesbig data engineering will become more and more critical. 
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Big Data Engineering tasks

Acquisition: Sourcing data from different systems 

Cleansing: Detecting and debugging errors 

Conversion: Converting data formats 

Disambiguation: Interpreting data for multiple meanings 

De-duplicationEliminating duplicate data 

Empower products with Big Data Engineering tools

  • Customer Data Platform
  • Test Data Management
  • Data Privacy Management
  • Data Integration
  • Data Migration

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