mPaaS = Peace of Mind

Through the Managed Platform as a Service (mPaaS) delivery model, K2View’s Center of Data Excellence (CoDEmanages the setup, configuration, cloud deployment, monitoring, and ongoing well-being of the K2View Data Fabric for its clients. This allows our customers to focus on leveraging trusted, real-time data to power digital transformations at scale. 

Real-time delivery of operational data that you can always trust

Rather than procuring hardware, installing software, and managing the K2View Data Fabric, you can easily consume data fabric services from a private cloud - for a monthly fee 


K2View installs the K2View Data Fabric on your private cloud of choice (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), configures it for optimal performance, and manages the day-to-day operation of the K2View platform. 


You can focus your resources on using K2View Data Fabric microservices as building blocks to accelerate the development of data-driven applications. At the same time, trust the operational data fabric as an always-on black box” that continually delivers real-time, complete data of your business. 

Data visualization in wave

K2View mPaaS Benefits

Pre-packaged, single-price Managed Platform as a Service

K2View Accountability

Comprehensive services, delivered by the experts

Skills limitations or shortages are a common theme in data management and integration. In fact, a recent survey by 451 Research reveals that 48% of Data & Analytics professionals cited skills shortage among the biggest data integration challenges faced by their organization, making it the most popular response.

With K2View mPaaS, you can leave the data management to us and focus on leveraging real-time data you can trust to drive your operations.

K2View's responsibilities include:
  • Deployment: data fabric environment setup, configuration, and database administration 
  • Operations: production monitoring, initial problem, triaging, process automation, job execution 
  • Tier-1 Support: data cleansingticket resolution 
  • Tier-2 Support: defect resolution, patches, performance tuning  
  • Program Management: SLA management, release management, reporting 
  • Cloud Infrastructure Support: DBA, SaaS, network, security, compute, storage, cloud provider services 
  • Service Level Agreements for uptime and data accuracy 

Customer Benefits

Streamline costs and operations

With the K2View mPaaS offering, enterprises can gain multiple benefits to ensure an ongoing positive return on their investments.

  • Streamline costs by relying on a single expert provider that assumes all responsibilities for data fabric operations. 
  • Streamline operations by leveragingK2View Center of Data Excellence best practices, product expertise to automate deployments, monitoring, data corrections, upgrades, and more. 
  • Leverage the K2View Data Fabric secured data microservices layer, delivered in your private cloud of choice, to power data-driven operational use cases. From data migrations, to legacy application retirements; from test data management, to data privacy and compliance.