Data Orchestration

Real-time data orchestration for fast and agile businesses.


Slow data = slow company

The value of data, once gathered, is its accessibility.
Most IT environments are a complex combination of old and new technologies trying to keep up with the volume and demand for data. While companies often attempt to overcome these challenges by investing in many different technologies to extract, move, aggregate, model, cleanse, secure, distribute, and expose the data, they frequently end up with an even more complex environment that’s tremendously expensive, difficult to change, and incapable of delivering data quickly.

Slow data = slow company

A solution that delivers data from any source to any target in real-time.

K2View Data Fabric is a complete and integrated solution that orchestrates data in complex technical environments from any source to any target. The solution is highly secure, organized for operational use, and delivered in real-time. Importantly, Data Fabric does not impact existing systems, require complex data integrations or expensive infrastructure platforms.

How it Works

Fast access to source data

K2View Data Fabric eliminates the first barrier in data orchestration – fast, continuous access to data at the source. The platform contains an embedded ETL layer that connects easily to virtually any data source and makes data instantly available, and Smart Synch grabs changes to each individual data element the moment it’s committed to the source system to ensure real-time data delivery.

Data made better

Unlike other solutions that operate in batch, K2View Data Fabric continuously transforms and enriches data through the platform. Libraries provide tools for cleansing, masking, and enriching data through custom extensions or by incorporating other algorithms such as AI or ML solutions. The bottom line is that the Data Fabric solution ensures expeditious data delivery, as well as unparalleled business agility, security, and performance.

Data organized for performance

Enterprises are very complex, but corporate priorities tend to focus on discrete aspects such as customers, products, and channels. K2View designs and orchestrates the data by priorities – we call them “business entities” – that allow our platform to be hyper efficient in data collection and high performing in delivery. Each business entity instance (for example, John Smith) is stored in its own micro-database that contains only the data about that single entity, making it very fast to query and allowing us to easily compress the data to 1/10th of its original size.

Data more secure than in the source

K2View Data Fabric immediately encrypts data once it’s grabbed, and then stores that data in a micro-database. Most source systems have data on a large universe of entities, such as all customers, and only secure the data at the application or database level; any breach would expose a significant amount of data. The K2View platform secures all data in individually encrypted micro-databases to dramatically reduce compromised data exposure to a single entity.

Simply, fast access to data

The end game is getting the data where it needs to be and when. K2View Fabric automatically generates web services to transmit data to the application where it’s needed. Because the platform works with standard ANSI SQL, most scenarios allow existing SQL and APIs to seamlessly point to K2View Data Fabric with a simple parameter change and with no impact on the using application.

Cloud options

Data Fabric is a flexible tool to orchestrate a move to a cloud solution. If your company wants to use cloud applications but must maintain its own data centers, the platform can secure and virtualize data in the cloud, allowing you to take advantage of new solutions while maintaining compliance. If you’re migrating data to the cloud, your company will benefit from our migration capability that eliminates physically “fork-lifting” your data to the cloud. Because we transmit data in real-time, K2View Data Fabric can move one business entity at a time, triggered by a request for data on that entity. Over time, the data gets moved without downtime or data synchronization issues.

Fast to deploy, fast to change

Speed is paramount, and the fully integrated K2View Data Fabric solution is fast – and simple – to deploy and change. With no integrations on the back end, front end or elsewhere, you won’t spend time and money stitching pieces together. And our collection of smart tools for data discovery, data modeling, synchronization, and web services make quick work of activities that typically take many months. Changes are also a snap, with most source changes handled automatically, while those that require remodeling can be tested and deployed without downtime.
Case Study

Fortune 100 financial service company eliminates compliance headaches.

  • Bank was executing daily compliance reports on Sybase
  • Needed to consolidate data from multiple sources
  • Complete implementation in just 3 days
  • Execution performance improved 15X
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