Test Data Management tools
for the enterprise.

With our all-in-one Test Data Management platform, DevOps and QA teams can provision trusted test data in minutes, instead of weeks.

Test Data Management Tools | K2View
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Our Patented Approach

Provision test data by business entities

K2View Test Data Management TDM
  • Our patented technology empowers DevOps teams to provision test data by business entities, enabling unmatched agility and speed-to-market. 

  • The test data management platform ingests data from production sources and organizes it according to your organization's primary business entities, for example, customers, orders, products, etc.

  • Each entity's data is masked in-flight,  compressed, encrypted, and stored in its own secure, Micro-Database. These Micro-Databases are stored in a test data warehouse, accessible to DevOps via an API and to testers via a self-service, web-based application.

  • Referential integrity of the test data is preserved across your test systems, even after masking, preventing test failures and complying with privacy regulation.

Surgical Data Subsetting

Test data on demand

  • Self-service portal enables DevOps or QA Teams to quickly create tailored subsets without needing SQL knowledge
  • Reserve specific subsets for individual testers
  • Roll back test datasets to previous versions
  • Supports CI/CD integration via APIs for DevOps TDM
  • Deliver software faster by eliminating the wait for testing data 
  • Prevent test failures and improve software quality with precise datasets
Test Data Management - instant subsetting

Unlimited Data Sources

Connect any source to any target

  • Modular and open TDM platform: sync with any number of sources and target environments via any deployment: on-prem, cloud, or hybrid
  • Vast library of connectors: supports dozens of relational databases, NoSQL data sources, flat files, and more.
  • Reduce software defects by expanding testing coverage to additional sources
  • Improve software quality by including vital business data from hard-to-reach sources

Data Masking

Anonymize sensitive
customer data

  • Discover PII data via an Auto-Discovery module and integrated data catalog  

  • Mask data at rest or in-flight with dynamic data masking

  • Mask unstructured data such as images, checks, and PDFs

  • Extensive functions available out-of-the-box in a customizable data masking tool

  • Comply with relevant standards: GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.
  • Avoid hefty fines and reputational damage caused by data breaches

Synthetic Data Generation

Complement your test data with synthetic data

  • Instantly generate realistic, balanced, and rich test data with similar characteristics to production data
  • Harness the power of AI to train deep learning ML models to synthesize data similar to production data 
  • Eliminate the risk of using sensitive customer data
  • Test applications where no or insufficient production data exists
TDM Synthetic Data Generation
K2View Solving the DevOps Test Data Problem

Solving the DevOps
Test Data Problem

K2View Solving the DevOps Test Data Problem

Learn why existing approaches to test data management fail, and how the K2View Test Data Management tools enable DevOps teams and testers to provision parameter-based subsets, on demand.

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K2View Gartner peer insights rating

“High-end security for your sensitive information..."
“Innovative, fast and also scalable...”
“Excellent dynamic and static data masking...”

Test data provisioning across hundreds of systems at AT&T

Test data management tools and features

tdm Self-Service Portal-1

Self-Service Portal

Provides multi-source test data subsets in minutes, based on user-defined criteria

TDM Data Integration

Data Integration

Provision structured and unstructured test data from any sources to any targets

TDM Synthetic Data

Synthetic Data

Generate realistic, synthetic data while preserving referential integrity

TDM Data Masking

Data Masking

De-identify PII (structured and unstructured) with persistent and dynamic masking

TDM Access Control

Access Control

Multi-layer security portal manages access based on roles and privileges

TDM Web Service API

Web Service API

Enabling automated DevOps and CI/CD pipelines

TDM Data Reservation

Data Reservation

Reserve and protect specific subsets for individual testers

TDM Time Machine

Time Machine

Roll back test data subsets to previous versions, on demand

shift left TDM

Shift your testing to the left and join the DevOps revolution

shift left TDM