K2View Data Fabric delivers data without delay to transform your business faster than ever before.

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K2View Data Fabric brings together all your enterprise’s disparate data in just weeks to power a wide range of business and technical transformations.

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360º customer data about what matters, so your business can compete with speed and agility.

Most enterprises are going through some form of digital transformation: to better serve customers, combat fraud or reduce operational expense. A major barrier to many transformations is that data is stored in a mix of old and new technologies that are not integrated. K2View provides a way to rapidly create 360º views of data across disparate IT ecosystems (RDBMS, Big Data, Cloud, IoT and more) with a modern, distributed data-as-a-service platform that can start powering your digital transformation initiatives in just weeks.


Accelerate cloud migrations while reducing risk.

K2View accelerates cloud migrations while reducing risk by providing a data abstraction layer that never disrupts current operations, while featuring a unique security approach that virtually eliminates the risk of mass data breaches. As a result, in just weeks, enterprises can easily and confidently migrate to the cloud and integrate all applications – whether in public, private or hybrid-cloud environments – then keep all the data synchronized in real time.

Test Data Management

Automatically generate test data in days and drastically reduce cost.

Enterprises embracing DevOps and agile methodologies need the ability to test applications and services in days, not months or years.

K2View makes testing faster and less costly by quickly gathering data that may be scattered across multiple systems, then automatically masking and preparing it. As a result, testing teams spend less time retrieving, preparing and maintaining test data and more time testing and releasing applications.

Network Transformation

Unlock hidden value by connecting network and customer data.

Communications systems are extremely complex and dynamic, with numerous interdependencies. Network managers need the ability to examine problems and opportunities, in near-real-time, across systems that are not integrated – such as those managing network traffic, call center issue tracking and system alarms. K2View Data Fabric enables network managers to correlate activity across these systems to understand and remediate with efficiency. This enables managers to proactively tune their networks and processes to improve customer service and save costs.

CCPA & GDPR Compliance

Real-time CCPA & GDPR compliance in a matter of weeks.

Government regulators around the world are adding regulatory pressure, such as the GDPR in the EU and CCPA in California, around data protection, data portability, and rights of consumers to be forgotten. But how, in practice, can enterprises purge or export everything it’s ever known about a customer from all its disparate systems? That’s where we come in.

Data Fabric creates a secure data abstraction layer that sits between your source systems and the places you use your data. It organizes the data around each customer in separate micro-databases. Then it synchronizes all the sources in real time, making data synching, purging and export a snap. Best yet, you can implement this compliance capability in a matter of just weeks.

Data Orchestration

Automate processes faster using a data abstraction layer.

Most automation projects have a daunting critical path dependency on assembling and connecting data: matching, cleansing, synching, securing, and ensuring performance and availability.

By organizing, abstracting and protecting your data around what’s most important to your business, K2View enables you to rapidly automate processes or services in weeks, not months or years.


Reduce your time to market for microservices from months to days…or even hours.

Moving to a microservices architecture makes perfect sense…faster time to market, greater agility to respond to changes. The problem is your data isn’t on the same page…its locked in 10’s or 100’s of systems with data models designed for the past. K2View Data Fabric eliminates this problem, giving you real-time access to the data you need, the way you need it, regardless of the source. Combine this with auto-generated web services, patented security features, and linear scalability, and Data Fabric gives you a platform designed to make your microservices vision a reality.

MPaaS Deployment

Reduce ongoing operational costs and risks with our Managed Platform as a Service (MPaaS) offering.

K2View offers a Managed Platform as a Service (MPaaS) deployment model, where K2View product and operations experts take responsibility for the setup, configuration, and ongoing health of your K2View Data Fabric. The benefits span cost-reduction, lower-risk, and greater agility in your resource planning.