Gartner Report: Synthetic Data Generation for Software Application Testing

Synthetic data generation supports systems where real data is expensive, unavailable, imbalanced or unusable due to privacy regulations. Synthetic data is artificially generated as opposed to being a copy,  subset, and masking operation from production data sources.

Synthetic data is regularly used for sharing anonymized datasets that retain the statistical properties of the original source data. 

This research provides insights and best practices regarding test data practices, technologies enabling improved team structures, synthetic data generation and test data automation.

Learn how to improve test data management with synthetic data in this new Gartner report.

Gartner report highlights:

  • The growing demand for test data manufacturing
  • Synthetic data generation methods and techniques 
  • Leading use cases for synthetic data creation
  • Test data generation tools vs. masking production data
  • Synthetic data generation vendors
  • Recommendations for DevOps and QA teams


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