Deliver test data from any source in real-time, not days or weeks

You adopted DevOps to accelerate the delivery of your solutions, but one thing still holds you back: provisioning realistic data to test those solutions in a timely manner. K2View TDM provides a flexible DataOps solution that makes test data management as agile as the rest of your DevOps pipeline.

Simply describe the data you need, and K2View TDM does the rest. It auto-discovers your enterprise landscape to find that data and organize it in digital entities that represent the systems, applications, and capabilities you need to test. It then delivers secure, real-time access to up-to-date data—including masking and encryption—right when you need it.

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What to Expect Next...

Discuss Your Unique Data Issues
Collaborate and Define POC Scope
Create Elegant Solution Design
Implement and Test POC
See Real Results in Just 2 Weeks

K2View TDM Benefits

Performs 1000x Faster than Traditional TDM

Speed time to market by drastically reducing test duration and environment setup, with provisioning time in minutes, not days or weeks.

Eliminates Redundant Test Environments

Reduce infrastructure costs and associated maintenance and support resource requirements by eliminating the need for redundant test environments.

Data Security and Masking by Design

Virtually eliminate threats of massive data breaches with our patented digital entity approach, plus efficient, centrally applied masking of sensitive data.

Zero Impact on Current Systems and Operations

No longer limit access to or bog down production systems for invasive, time-consuming batch refreshes to your testing environments.