Your Data-As-A-Service Platform

K2View Data Fabric is an end-to-end solution that delivers the data speed and agility the digital world demands, while working seamlessly within the complex technology environments of large enterprises. Data Fabric offers a bridge to the technology environment IT departments desire without stranding investments in legacy solutions or creating risks in performance, downtime, or security.

Architecture diagram of K2View Fabric data-as-a-service middleware with configuration controls, Cassandra & studio controls.

Key Features

K2View Data Fabric easily connects with virtually any data source, organizes the data around what matters most to your business (business entities such as customers, stores, transactions or products), stores the data in secure micro-databases, synchronizes and exposes the data in real-time through web services.

Data Fabric features intelligently deliver capabilities and results not possible with any other solution.

Holistic Solution

K2View Data Fabric was designed to empower large enterprises with the fast, agile data they need to compete in a data-driven world. Other solutions are designed to perform a single discreet function in the chain, and require significant integration to yield the intended results. As an end-to-end solution we dramatically reduce the time to deliver new solutions that provide real-time access to the data you need, regardless of source.

Micro-Database (MDB) Architecture

Central to Data Fabric’s difference is that it organizes data by business entity, and stores that data in a single micro-database for each instance of a business entity. The technical result is that this small data footprint produces amazingly fast query performance, and allows the data to be compressed to one-tenth of its normal size, yielding significant savings in computing power and storage.

Data Modeling

Data modeling is typically a complex process taking weeks and months, but Fabric Studio allows you to create complex schemas across many systems within a week. Most users are able to find and map 50% to 80% of their schema objects automatically using Studio’s standard source connectors and auto-discovery capability, with the added benefit of validating the schema against production systems.

Security & Masking

Data privacy and security are of strategic importance to enterprises for compliance, as well as to protect customers and their brands. Data Fabric’s unique “business entity” organizing approach enables data encryption at this same level, virtually eliminating the risk of a mass breach. Also, embedded data masking can be applied real-time based on access permission rules at an individual business entity and data element level.

Embedded ETL

Embedded ETL is the foundation of our real-time data delivery. Based on the schema rules defined in Fabric Studio, the ETL layer seamlessly and continuously retrieves and transforms data from mapped source systems, one business entity and one data element at a time. Because K2View Data Fabric can natively connect to most technologies, there are no effects on source systems, and no integration work is required.

Distributed Data Management

Data Fabric stores and manages data in a fully distributed data management architecture using Cassandra as the data storage layer. This environment delivers linear scalability, consistent performance, and no single point of failure. It also contributes to K2View Data Fabric’s ability to rapidly deploy changes without impact to the production environment.


To deliver real-time, agile data, Data Fabric has to continuously keep up with changes to data values and source data structures. Smart-synch provides the ability to set rules at a source, business entity and data element level, to trigger on-the-fly updates while being resource efficient.

Web Services Layer

Data Fabric has an embedded web services layer that dramatically simplifies the creation and administration of the data access layer. These easy-to-use tools enable users to generate web services for most functions that seamlessly work with existing queries and APIs or can be used to create new micro-services. The savings in integration time and cost with this feature are significant.

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