Making data preparation and pipelining easy, reliable, and quick.


Enterprise Data Pipeline
From self-service to automation

Complete set of data preparation and pipeline tools

Data integration, transformation, cleansing, enrichment, masking, and  more.

Patented approach ensures data integrity by design

Your data is always complete, clean, connected, governed, and up to date.

Reusable data pipeline flows for your data teams

Build, certify and package automated data orchestration flows to be used by your data consuming teams

Our unique approach:
Data is prepared and delivered
by business entities


K2View Enterprise Data Pipeline allows you to define a Digital Entity schema that captures all the attributes for a given business entity (like a customer or an order), across all source systems, and provides you the tools to prepare and deliver the data as an integrated entity.

K2View Enterprise Data Pipeline which is built on K2View Data Fabric, collects data from source systems, cleanses it, enriches, masks, and transforms it according to predefine rules, and delivers it safely to any big data store.

Looking at your data holistically at the business entity level ensures data integrity, giving your data teams quick, easy, and consistent access to the data they need.

You always get insights you can trust because you have data you can trust.


Data pipeline automation
accelerates time to insights

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K2View Enterprise Data Pipeline keeps your data lakes and data warehouses in sync with your data sources, based on data sync rules you define.

You can configure and automatically apply data filters, transformations, enrichments, masking, and other steps crucial to quality data preparation.

Data pipeline flows are iterative and can be set up, tested, and packaged for reuse. They can be automatically invoked to operationalize data preparation and accelerate time to insights.

Data scientists can also reproduce previous sets of data and access any historical version of that data.

Data changes can be ingested into your data stores in any data delivery method of your choice: from bulk (ETL), to data streaming, to CDC (Change Data Capture), and messaging.

So, your data is always complete, up-to-date, and consistently and accurately prepared, ready for analytics and operational workloads.

Why K2View Enterprise Data Pipeline

Our data pipeline tools take the grunt work out of data science by delivering ready-to-use, clean and complete data you can trust

EDP benefits

Make your data lakes and warehouses instantly and always ready for analytics

Take a deeper look at the 7 data preparation steps you must address to ensure you deliver trusted data for your data lakes and warehouses.
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