The logical way to manage your data

Why Us

Why Us

K2View provides enterprises with a faster and more agile way to organize and manage their data. Our modern, distributed data management platform rapidly integrates data from any underlying source (RDBMS, Big Data, Cloud, IoT and more) to deliver a real-time view of enterprise data in a simple, scalable and highly secure way. Our solutions help clients accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, migrate to the Cloud, modernize their data layer and streamline test data management processes. Whether you need to improve speed to market, create a single view of the customer or reduce TCO, K2View is committed to helping you improve the speed and agility of your data so you can use it to make better business decisions and deliver amazing customer experiences.

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We bring speed and agility to data. Our solutions are delivered in weeks, not months or years.


Our proprietary approach to data security eliminates the chance of large scale data breaches.


We deliver solutions that dramatically lower TCO while boosting return on investment.


Manage Your Data the Way You Manage Your Business
When enterprises think about their data, they typically think about it in groups that matter to them most. Similarly, our approach to data management is based on a Logical Unit. A Logical Unit can be anything - a customer, a product, a marketing campaign or any other segment of data that is important to your business. Each Logical Unit includes all the information you know about that segment and is contained in its own micro-database with multi-layer encryption for the highest level of security.

K2View understands the importance of data security. We developed an approach to securing data that uniquely encrypts each Logical Unit micro database we create. This proprietary process ensures that our solutions are always secure and built to prevent large-scale data breaches. We also deliver a full suite of user friendly tools and a field-proven process for masking sensitive information.


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