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Test Data Management

Many enterprises are embracing agile development to become more responsive to ever changing business conditions. They know in order to improve speed to market, they must be able to test applications and release new microservices in days, not months or years. This need for speed has caused testing budgets to skyrocket to over one-third of all IT spending.  Even with this increased focus, IT leaders are discovering that if their data is scattered across multiple systems or requires an extensive amount of resources and time to mask and prepare it, that their ability to fulfill internal demands will be limited.

At K2View, our modern, distributed Test Data Management platform quickly integrates data from any source or underlying technology so testing teams spend less time retrieving and preparing data and more time testing and releasing applications that will impact the business. Our ability to rapidly assemble, secure and provision test data is made possible by the way we organize data. We call it a Logical Unit. A Logical Unit can be anything – a customer, a product, a marketing campaign or any other segment of data. A Logical Unit includes all the information you know about that segment and is contained in its own micro-database with multi-layer encryption for the highest level of security.


User friendly controls and the simplicity of a self-service portal makes it easy to set up, administer and manage test data.


Process automation and the ability to retrieve real-time data, mask and provision it in minutes accelerates the testing process and speeds the delivery of applications.


Reduce TCO by automating cumbersome legacy processes and eliminating the need for manual workarounds.


Our user-friendly interface and advanced auto discovery feature makes defining and sourcing test data quick and easy.


Always keep data fresh by using dynamic synchronization controls to ensure data is always fresh at any layer of granularity.


Data cloning and sub-setting is very easy and allows for on-the-fly correction of data inconsistencies, even when data is coming from multiple sources.


Masking data from multiple sources is very easy, even with complex masking rules. Each Logical Unit is encrypted with its own key to ensure the highest level of security for your data.


Generating synthetic data is easy. Your Logical Unit becomes the blueprint for creating synthetic data. We automate this step to save time and simplify the process.


Provisioning test data with K2View is fast and easy. You can provision all or part of your test data in seconds using embedded tools and role-based administrative functions.

A Fortune 20 telecommunications company in the United States needed to improve their Test Data Management process. K2View implemented a solution that dramatically reduced testing times and improved speed to market of mission critical application releases. Results include:

►   A 30 day TDM process was reduced to 3 days
►   Automatic masking and synchronization of data
►   TDM process ran without impacting operational systems
►   New tools and features eliminated the need for manual work

Data driven enterprises know that they must test and release applications faster than ever before in order to remain competitive. For many, their data is stuck in a myriad of technologies, making the task even that much more challenging. So, what can leaders do to truly become agile?

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