The logical way to manage your data

Digital Transformation

Most enterprises are going through some form of digital transformation right now. The challenge for many is that their data is stored in a mix of old and new technologies that are not integrated and able to deliver data in a way that truly allows them to transform their businesses. K2View understands the challenges of disparate IT ecosystems and built a modern, distributed data management platform that integrates data from any source (RDBMS, Big Data, Cloud, IoT and more) and delivers it in real-time to power digital transformation initiatives.  K2View solutions can be implemented in weeks and are a no-risk way to solve many of today’s toughest digital transformation challenges.

At the heart of many digital transformation initiatives is the customer. At K2View, we created a new approach for organizing data that we call a Logical Unit. A Logical Unit can be anything – a customer, a product, a marketing campaign or any other segment of data. A Logical Unit includes all the information you know about that segment and is contained in its own micro-database with multi-layer encryption for the highest level of security.

An international media and entertainment company needed to integrate customer data from multiple systems across different countries, to create a 360-degree view of their customers.  K2View implemented a solution that integrated this disparate data and delivered it in real-time to representatives so they could improve the customer experience.

►   360-degree view for over 1 million customers, created in 3 days
►   Data latency reduced from minutes to milliseconds
►   Immediate and ongoing savings exceeded $5 million annually

So, what’s the best way to integrate and manage data for Digital Transformation initiatives?  In this white paper, we will explore best practices and a number of use cases that demonstrate how effective, real-time data can fuel your digital transformation.

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