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Database Modernization

For many enterprises, the cost of operating and maintaining traditional RDBMS is painful. However, the path to modernizing these systems in order to realize the cost, scalability and resiliency benefits of modern, distributed database technology seems long and in the distant future.  What these enterprises need is a solution that can quickly modernize their data layer and allow them to dramatically reduce the expense associated with maintaining legacy systems.  At K2View, our Fabric platform helps enterprises quickly modernize their data layer, shed costs, reduce their hardware footprint and open their data to web and microservices.  K2View Fabric allows enterprises to safely migrate their legacy systems without impacting existing applications.

K2View understands the importance of data security. We developed a proprietary approach to securing data that virtually eliminates the chance of a large-scale data breach.   Our solutions give enterprises complete control over their data and a suite of administrative controls and automated processes for masking sensitive information.

A global telecommunications company wanted to reduce expenses, improve speed to market and migrate to an open data architecture without impacting applications and service layer for their real-time customer data hub.   They selected K2View Fabric to migrate data from their RDBMS to a modern, open distributed data management platform that could support their mission-critical systems and dramatically reduce costs.

►   Dramatic TCO reduction
►   Over 70% fewer cores required
►   Performance and speed improvement of 50%
►   Rapid conversion of stored procedures to web services

Successful enterprises know that having real time access to information is essential to building long-term customer relationships and sustaining a strategic advantage. So, how can enterprises become more agile and competitive if their data is stored in old legacy technologies making it difficult to access and use?

To learn how K2View can modernize your legacy databases and deliver data in real time for better performance at a lower TCO, contact us.