The logical way to manage your data

Customer 360

What if you could access all the data you need to fuel a better customer experience in a matter of weeks – not months or years? No more waiting for the next IT release cycle to harvest the data that helps you know your customer from all your disparate, silo-ed systems. K2View’s CustomerDataNow solution integrates data from any source (RDBMS, Big Data, Cloud, Social, IoT and more), organizes it around your customer, delivers it in real-time and keeps it up-to-date ongoing to power better experiences in the only daypart that matters to your customers – NOW.

Why wait for better customer experiences when you can have them now? We’ll show you in just 2 weeks what is possible with a FREE proof of concept. Just download the whitepaper below to get started.

At the heart of many digital transformation initiatives is the customer. At K2View, we created a new approach for organizing data that we call a Logical Unit. A Logical Unit can be anything – a customer, a product, a marketing campaign or any other segment of data. A Logical Unit includes all the information you know about that segment and is contained in its own micro-database with multi-layer encryption for the highest level of security.

A major U.S. telco needed to reduce expensive, unnecessary and frustrating home service calls related to situations in which a larger network problem was the real culprit of an outage or service issue. CustomerDataNow delivered a first-ever customer operations solution combining real-time customer and network data so they could improve the customer experience and reduce costs.

►   360-degree view of the customer, created in just weeks.

►   Operating costs reduced by 75%.

►   Projected annual cost savings of $13.5M.

So, what’s the best way to integrate and manage data for Customer 360 initiatives?  In this white paper, we explore how effective, real-time data can fuel better customer experiences.

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