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Secure, Fast Cloud Migration

Enterprises all over the world are migrating to cloud solutions to help them manage their expanding data volumes, improve performance and reduce costs  They understand traditional data warehousing technologies are not able to keep up with the dynamic, real time needs of a modern, data-driven enterprise. However, integrating cloud solutions with internal systems requires careful planning and a data management strategy that can bring it all together.  At K2View, our approach to data management helps enterprises easily migrate to the cloud and integrate all their applications, whether they’re in a public, private or a hybrid environment.  K2View solutions are a great fit for enterprises that need a no-risk way to quickly migrate to the cloud in order to improve business performance.

K2View understands the importance of data security. We developed a proprietary approach to securing data that virtually eliminates the chance of a large-scale data breach. Our cloud solutions give clients complete control over their data and a suite of administrative controls and automated processes for masking sensitive information.

A fortune 500 company was looking to move to Salesforce but had major concerns about storing data on the cloud.  They needed a cost effective, secure solution to migrate to the cloud and enable on-going synchronization of data with Salesforce.

►   Deployment in 3 months
►   Highest level of data security
►   Real-time integration with multiple legacy systems
►   No change to Saleforce or internal self-service applications

What’s the best way to migrate to the cloud and integrate enterprise data across different business applications? In this white paper, K2View shares advice and best practices that have helped many of the world’s largest enterprises successfully migrate to the cloud.

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